In Favour Of… Mind Over Marathon

In Favour Of… Mind Over Marathon

Occasionally a TV show or movie comes along that hits close to home. That feeling of familiarity and flashbacks to harder times, but I am so glad I watched this programme and would encourage anyone else to do the same before it expires on BBC iPlayer

10 people suffering from various mental health problems set off on the path towards running the London Marathon, with the help of a super supportive team. Through the power of exercise, specifically running, the programme hopes to show the value of using this as management tool for your mental health and also to take another step in ending the stigma of mental health. Hearing the stories behind each of the people on the show and seeing their journey was powerful and made me determined to see this site through even if I’ve been doubtful if anyone will ever actually read it.

As I mentioned here, exercise is the main way that I manage my mental health and I’ve found it more effective than anything else. And whilst I watched the marathon today, and held back the emotional tears that anyone with half a soul would feel, surrounded by super-humans doing something incredible, I did contemplate signing up next year… But in the meantime I may test returning to the running waters with Lululemon’s Backpackers Run Club with Chasing Lights Collective

Watch the trailer for Mind over Marathon here..

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