In Favour Of… And Other Stories Topanga Waves Body Wash

In Favour Of… And Other Stories Topanga Waves Body Wash

There is nothing better than a good shower. I often forget this fact when my mood drops, but eventually I drag myself under that rainfall of tumbling hot water, washing away the grime of the day. Even when you’re time pressed, it’s a chance to check in, reconnect with yourself, inhale some steam and feel refreshed.

There is something fantastic about combining a good shower gel into the routine. Not only is it what you’re rubbing into your skin, but the smell is always key to me. Scent is something that invokes feelings and memories unlike anything else, which makes sense as your olfactory system is actually linked directly to the emotional centre of the brain.

If you haven’t ventured into the beauty section of H&M’s & Other Stories, then you haven’t yet lived. Luxury-esque skincare at prices you can justify as a treat, even this close to payday. Earlier this week when I was still feeling rundown from my Easter stomach bug I went in store and found this beauty. Created by their new LA atelier, now my showers smell of Pina Colada and sunshine which makes me feel a little happier inside.

But my & Other Stories skincare obsession doesn’t just stop there. Top marks in my opinion also go to Havana Blues, Punk Bouquet and Sardonyx Fire. This makes a lot of sense when you find out that Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham is the mastermind behind the fragrances there, using his inspired approach at creating scents that evoke memories.

One of the things you might find hardest to learn if you’ve been suffering from anxiety or depression is the art of self love (get your mind out of the gutter now..). It is important to set aside time to look after yourself, do things that make YOU feel good inside and treat yourself from time to time. This is a perfect example of a product range that is not only high quality but affordable too!

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Topanga Waves Body Wash – £7 from & Other Stories


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