In Favour Of…Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

In Favour Of…Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

There comes a time when everyone needs a reliable waterproof mascara in their life. Mine came during a period of grief; after a few days had passed, my face puffy and red, I had gone back to work and needed something to help me start the journey to feeling a little bit human again.

The poor woman in Morelys in Brixton who had to deal with me that day must have wondered what on earth was wrong with the wreck of a girl in front of her.. A good friend had recommended this mascara and promised me that no amount of tears would shift it. And she was right – this mascara not only got me through the weeks that followed, as well as a redundancy and tough times that came after.

This has ended up becoming my main mascara for day-to-day – it gives just the right amount of volume and length, whilst also having the ability to survive swimming pools and saunas in addition to any tears, so will cover you for good days but will have your back too.

L x

High Impact Waterproof Mascara – £17.50 from Clinique


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