In Favour Of… Kiehl’s Micro-Peel Concentrate

In Favour Of… Kiehl’s Micro-Peel Concentrate

It has taken me 29 years to develop any sort of skin care routine, and even now I am useless at looking after my face, especially on days where I barely have the energy to get up in the morning. My skin can be dry, flakey and at times a vibrant shade of pink. However, a bottle of this on my bedside table has worked a treat! Pop a couple of drops on your skin before any night creams / oils / potions and within a week you’ll start to notice a difference.

At £41 a bottle you might think it’s a little pricey (I picked mine up from duty-free after having spoken to someone in-store and reading lots of positive reviews), but a bottle really lasts and I can’t stress how easy it is to pop a few drops on before you go to sleep.

But I’m also a big Kiehl’s fan – the great thing about them is the sampling policy (curious about a product but not sure you want to invest in it without trying it? Just go in store and ask!). The sample sachet for this is about 3 applications (which I found was enough to know that this was working for me). Instead of using any horrible chemicals which is what I think of when I think of “peels”, this uses the power of Quinoa husks as a natural micro-peel to exfoliate your face and is super-easy to apply. Instead of scratching off the top layer of your skin, it gently helps improve the texture and skin tone without irritating. It’s easy to use, even at the end of the most stressful of days and has helped me build confidence in my skin!

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Micro-Peel Concentrate – £41 from Kiehl’s

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