In Favour Of … Brief Introductions

In Favour Of … Brief Introductions

It was really easy to think of all the reasons why not to start this website. My friends who I spoke to thought it sounded like a pretty decent idea; putting together some of the tools that I have learnt over the past 15 years or so to help me manage my anxiety in the hope that it might help just one person in facing the chaotic world of modern life.

But then I thought, maybe people will laugh or judge… maybe my boss will find out and give me the sack… maybe my friends will think I’m weird..

Then this weekend, a post on the “32 life lessons I learned by age 32” by life coach Susie Moore was shared by a contact on my LinkedIn and some of the points struck home –

5 – Life is better when you’re in it

6 – Take your desires seriously

10 – Kindness counts above all else

11 – Worry less

16 – The best way to do it is to do it. Take risks. You’ll be dead soon

18 – The biggest regrets come from pleasing other people

27 – No one is ever ready

29 – Everyone is scared

So sod it. Here it goes..

In Favour Of will be a mix of tips, tricks and ideas that I’ve found have helped me throughout the years, with a focus on exercise and learning to look after and treat yourself when you’re feeling low.

L x

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